3.89 cGPA 3.84 sGPA NY Resident

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Jul 23, 2010
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I am taking the MCAT on August 4th, I expect to get a 33-36.

I attended a SUNY (Bing) and my extracurriculars are lacking in my opinion.

2 summers of hospital volunteering
1 year writing for school paper
1 year assistant team manager for mens basketball team
2 summers of working at a pharmacy

Also I mentioned in my personal statement that I will be in a research lab next year (my senior year) and will also be participating in a sports medicine internship.

I applied to like 16 schools, pretty much all of the New York schools (Suny Upstate, Suny Downstate, Buffalo and etc) as well as Ohio State, Virginia, Drexel, Penn State and Temple.

I was just looking for some input on my chances.