300 million people globally are positive for Anti-Microsomal Antibodies

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May 9, 2008
I am attempting to open the above title "300 million people globally are positive for Anti-Microsomal Antibodies" as a new thread. It is my hope to get this information into the hands of potential researchers who will investigate its propositional aspects and may, in their future, publish their findings. I am also interested in having conversation with individuals interested in discussing Anti-Microsomal Antibodies (AMA) and Thyroiditis to answer questions to see you through its inherent, interesting maze.

Proposition: Regarding the inherent maze of understanding this pathology -- for example -- there presently does not exist a test to quantify the loss of immunoglobulin in stool specimens, or a test to document the excessive rate of turnover of any and all classes of the systemic immunoglobulin pool (lymph and blood) and this secondary finding of Rectal Immunoglobulin Losing Enteropathy occurs itself with circulating immunogloblin normal blood values, as opposed to eroded values, and there is typically found no intestinal coloss of albumin or blood regarding this pathology (the major classes of immunoglobulin A, M and G are being selectively, insidiously lost as transparent, agglutinated shreds of pure immunoglobulin). These agglutinated shreds would need to be "harvested" from stool specimens to, in one way, document the Rectal Immunoglobulin Losing Enteropathy.

Proposition: All so greatly telling, AMA positive persons invariably maintain an inability to hold the halflife of infused immunogloblin as all exogenous amounts are quickly lost at the site of the Rectal In Situ Carcinoma.

Proposition: An additional example, regarding the inherent "maze" in understanding this pathology, AMA is also called Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies or Anti-Iodide Peroxidase Antibodies -- however, AMA is not directly binding with the thyroid gland in vivo as might at first be suspected, and this has long presented as a most perplexing aspect to AMA researchers. Obviously, if AMA were binding to the thyroid gland (regarding this pathology expressed in 300 million people globally) the AMA would be found agglutinated specifically upon the thyroid but it is absolutely known to not be directly binding with the thyroid gland but is indirectly causing, as described here, the thyroid gland to "burn out" over the chronic element via the rather "invisible" Rectal Immunoglobulin Losing Enteropathy occurring at the site of the Rectal In Situ Carcinoma (stage zero) that is commonly being depicted as uncomplicated, common-type, typically asymptomatic, internal hemorrhoids. The true nature of the insidiously and "silently" distressed tissue of the "internal hemorrhoids" is the "immunoglobulin-mediated, hyperchromatic, latent, Rectal In Situ Carcinoma" that is typically latent for life with the lifelong hypercycling, weeping/leaking, of the systemic immunoglobulin pool (lymph and blood) since birth, causing chronic fatigue and ultimately dysfunction of the thyroid gland according to the thyroid gland being "burned out" by its metabolically funding the inherent and greaat, however "invisible" and insidious, immunoglobulin mediation.

Proposition: The answer to the above riddle is AMA is just one of the immunoglobulin weeping/leaking at the site of the Rectal In Situ Carcinoma where AMA is binding the analogous enzyme "iodine peroxidase" located and functioning in healthy intestinal epithelium. [Note: This enzyme, iodine peroxidase, becomes specifically targeted in the generative cells of the Rectal In Situ Carcinoma giving rise to AMA. The proper name for AMA then is proposed to be "Anti-Iodine Peroxidase Antibodies".] Iodine Peroxidase of the rectal epithelium and Iodide Peroxidase of the thyroid epithelium catalyztically reverse each other in their performance regarding respectively (first intestinally) "a water molecule and dietary iodine in iodine uptake" and then the subsequent circulating "hydrogen peroxide molecule and iodide" being reversed by iodide peroxidase (located in the thyroid epithelium) to iodine's incorporation with tyrosine for the subsequent release of the thyroid hormone: Thyroxine.

Persons positive in their bloodstream for AMA represent the single largest patient population in the world: 300 million people globally. AMA are found in the bloodstream at birth, and being bloodstream positive for AMA is traceable throughout the lineages (one of the parents, siblings, cousins, etc).

Proposition: By way of future articles of research that you may do: AMA is proposed here to be found to be the marker autoantibody for Rectal In Situ Carcinoma and Rectal Immunoglobulin Losing Enteropathy (immunoglobulin mediating, weeping/leaking, at the site of common-type, asymptomatic internal hemorrhoids).

Proposition: The diagnosis of Rectal In Situ Carcinoma is assisted by Morphometric Analysis documenting the excessive inflitration of cells in the rectal biopsies of AMA positive persons. Morphometric Analysis is imperative for being able to document the signature, inflammatory nature of the rectal tissue as biopsies may not always yield a portion of the Rectal In Situ Carcinoma but Morphometric Analysis always documents the "non-specific" disease process occurring in that tissue according to number of cells counted in the repective biopsy fields juxtaposition the Control Group. Proposition: All so greatly telling, AMA maintains a homeostatic blood value until rectal biopsies causes it to invariably immediately escalate to a new homeostatic value.

Proposition: It will be found that (via the immmunoglobulin mediation of the Rectal In Situ Carcinoma) the insidious, excessive rate of turnover of the systemic immunoglobulin pool (lymph and blood) since birth, "burns out" the thyroid gland -- the thyroid gland typically becoming dysfunctional in the second or third decade of life.

Proposition: Proposed theoretical treatment is the laser procedure 577 nanometers 1.5 joules per centimeter/squared rate of exposure using a continuous wave laser where the surgeon "paints" the internal hemorrhoids area and selectively causes the degenerative cells to obliterate according to their hyperchromatic nucleus hyper-absorbing the energy of the laser's beam (like wearing a dark shirt on a hot day). [Note: The healthy cells do not hyper-absorb at this frequency and rate of exposure (it would be like dismissing a freckle on the back of your hand).] All proposed treatments for potential cure of the primary Rectal In Situ Carcinoma would reference the subsequent blood value of AMA which must ultimately be dismissed to confirm treatment efficacy: Healthy people are negative for AMA.

Thank you for your questions and input, and thank you for your subsequent research to advance the medical community's being aware of the "bigger picture" regarding this subject.


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