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Apr 2, 2009
Ok here is my situation:

MCAT: 31P (11, 8, 12)
GPA: 3.89
Major: Chemistry

Community Serivce:
Family Support Center Volunteer (40 hrs)
Retirement home (30 hrs)
Department of Recreation Volunteer (48 hrs)

Physician Shadowing:
family practice MD (10 hrs)
orthopedic surgeon MD (12 hrs)
pediatrician DO (26 hrs)

Patient Exposure:
Low Income Clinic (40 hrs)
Emergency Room Volunteer (80 hrs)
Radiology Department Volunteer (20 hrs)

Chemistry Club Vice President
Presidential Ambassador (2 years)
Physical Science Representative
Biology and Chemistry TA and Tutor (2 years)
AED Student Representative

3 projects: one on MCAT stats for my College, one on an enzyme, and a quantitative chemical one on river samples (this one got published).

Other Stuff:
Have worked as a lifeguard and a technician for chemical lab.
Member of College honors program.
Ballroom Dance Team Member for 2 years.

So what do you guys think? Are my EC's enough to make up for a par MCAT? BTW, I really just want to apply straight MD. Sorry I gave the wrong information in the title. My MCAT is a 31 as described above.
Jul 22, 2009
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I think you looked really solid on paper. If you check out my MDapps, it looks like we have very similar stats and I had some luck this cycle. Do you have any idea which schools you're applying to? 31 may not get you much love from top 20s but a well-balanced app, nice LORs and a polished PS will get you far in this process. Also, in case anyone tells you you have to retake because of your 8, take it with a grain of salt I did just fine with an unbalanced score.
Sep 4, 2009
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Pretty well rounded ECs and GPA make you competitive. Your overall MCAT score is good. The 8V is low but it is the 10th percentile for a lot of decent schools by MSAR. I guess I would say it really depends on where you are thinking of applying to.

What is your state of residence? What schools are you considering?

You might hear some members on SDN say your volunteer hours are a little light, if you have the opportunity to get some more in that would be a good thing.

You might also hear some say your volunteer hours are a little light, but it shows breadth (DO/MD, primary care/surgery) so I would say you are okay there.

I think your GPA will put you over the top for some interview invites. Don't underestimate the importance of your essays and be sure to apply to your state school(s). As long as you aren't from California you have a good chance.
Sep 4, 2006
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Your application looks to be in very good shape. I think you'll do fine this application cycle if you apply broadly to allopathic schools across a spectrum of selectivity. I'd list the TA and tutoring under the Teaching category.


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Aug 11, 2008
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you'll get in. I had ECs similar to yours but for a longer period of time/more hours, had a 3.65 and 28 MCAT and I was accepted EDP to a MD school. like others were saying, just apply broadly and smartly. don't apply to like a bunch of Ivies. wasting your time. there are plenty of schools out there with 31-32 average MCATs for their entering classes. if you apply to like 15 of those, you'll surely get into 1 as long as you interview well and sell yourself properly in your app.