Apr 14, 2010
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Hey everyone

need some quick help. I received a 32 on my MCATS ( 9V 11PS 12BS) and I have a 3.6 cummulative GPA and a 3.3 science GPA.

What tier of schools do you think that lands me? Should I concentrate more on DO schools or do you guys think I have a shot at MD schools? I mean I am still deciding between the teaching methods of both MDs and DOs, but as we all know MDs are generally tougher to get into.

A list of a few schools that you think I have a shot at would be helpful. thanks

Also if anyone has tips on applying to med schools while abroad, that'd be very helpful. I am currently living as an expatriate in Beijing, China, but I heard that the application process can all be done online until the interviews come around.

Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!


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Jan 17, 2009
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purchase the MSAR book from your university bookstore or check it out from your library. it lists all the medical schools and relevant stats. this should be your first source of information for compiling a list of schools.
Sep 4, 2006
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The 32/3.6 are competitive stats (but not so much in California), however the low BCPM is a problem that will limit you. Why is it so low? Do you have a steep upward trend? We'd also need to know your Experiences to give the best answer.