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Mar 30, 2006
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I am a 4th yr, did well on rotations and here's my advice:

Psych--Appleton and Lange (A & L) Q and A book, First Aid, Pre-Test
ObGyne--First Aid (don't waste time w/ blueprints), A & L Q and A book
Medicine--Step-up to Medicine, Pre-Test Medicine
Neuro--Blueprints, Pre-Test
Surgery--Pre-Test, Blueprints, consider Case Files if time
ER--case files
Peds--Blueprints, A & L Q and A, Pre-Test
blueprints is too long for Ob, A & L Q/A for surgery has too many mistakes,
The new 2006 Blueprints seem like the best thing to get if you're thinking that series. For neuro, several ?'s were straight out of the book
ALSO: an excellent book for every rotation is Kaplan CK book, and Blueprints Step 2 Q and A (available for most specialties--this can get pricey though
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