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Aug 7, 2002
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Hey everyone...I am currently a 2nd year planning out my 3rd year core rotations and since only certain hospitals are affiliated with LECOM I can only choose the ones they list to us. I know where i want to go for some of the rotations but dont know for others...

I am looking into the following :

Long Beach Medical , Long island NY ( IM)
St Joseph Mercy of Macomb , MI ( for surgery or psych)
Saginaw Coop Hospital , MI ( for surgery)
Westview, indianapolis (for surgery)
Osteopathic Institute of South, Georgia (for psych)

If anyone has been to any of these hospitals and can recommend any of them I would REALLY APPRECIATE it ....please reply asap cause i need to summit my decisions soon...



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Aug 1, 2002
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Wow, I think I can actually help with one of these.
I am from Indy, and I have done a month at Westview when I was a student
That is one heck of a small hospital, maybe 40 beds(not counting ER beds), and a pretty slow OR (5-10 surgeries daily). Probably one intern in the entire hospital. It is good one on one learning at a very slow pace, certainly not the typical surgery rotation. No cutting edge stuff either, but a nice place to learn some basic stuff, and to get your feet wet. They may let you do some ortho if you really want...that wouldn't be too hard.
Indy is nice, but the area where westview is located is rather boring I guess (the west side). It really depends on what your priorities are.
If you need more info, you can email me.
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