Dec 14, 2013
Hey guys, I'm applying this 13-14 cycle and haven't received any interviews (or rejections) for any of the FL schools... closest thing I've had is EFI from UCF, which has been a while. I have a perfect GPA, but did not do too hot on MCAT, getting a 28 (11 PS / 8 V / 9 BS). I've got 500+ hrs in a research lab, 100 hrs volunteering in hospital ER, 200 hours of shadowing (various surgeons, oncologists, urologist) , 2 yrs of working as an ocean lifeguard, and have been an undergrad mentor / adviser's assistant. I've also volunteered at smaller one-time events, working medical tents for marathons. I'm really starting to worry that I won't get in this cycle, which will be very tough on my finances/personal life... I know I can definitely improve on the MCAT if I retake for the next cycle however...

Is it too late to reach out to DO schools? If I haven't heard anything yet, is it too late for the FL interviews or are they still likely to give out more after Christmas Break? Re-applicants - what did you do over that long year?

Thanks for taking the time to check me out ;)!


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Jan 31, 2013
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I don't know anything about Florida schools, but I'll try and lend some perspective. First, your question depends on when you applied this year. If you applied June 1st and haven't heard anything, you should probably be concerned. If you applied in October, you shouldn't be as worried. I assume you've done your research on average gpa and MCAT for Florida schools, so you know if your MCAT score is in their range or not. A lot of schools will probably be concerned that you have a perfect GPA but a "not too hot" MCAT score. Honestly, someone's GPA means nothing unless you know what classes they took. A 3.5 GPA in Physics or Chem will look a lot better than a 4.0 in English or Psych. If you have an "easier" major, the low MCAT score will be a red flag. If you have a more rigorous major, you might be able to work around it.

Most DO schools require a letter of rec from a DO physician or at least shadowing time with a DO. If you can fulfill these requirements, its not too late for DO schools. I have a friend who applied to a DO school in December and got in. Best advice I can give you: start thinking as if you won't get in this year. I was in a similar situation last year, and assumed by January I wasn't getting in and started improving my application for the next year (which by now is 6 months away!). If you try to wait to hear a final decision for this year you won't have any time to improve your app for next year. If you have your heart set on allopathic, start studying for the MCAT soon and try to retake it. I'd also recommend finding a DO to shadow ASAP.