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Aug 14, 2015
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Thanks to everyone in advance

I had too much fun my last couple year of undergrad at Tulane (3.6 dropped to 3.2)

After working for a year, I did a post bac: 47 total hours (35 upper level science) 4.o cGPA/4.0 sGPA.

Applied last year only to Lsu (waitlisted) and had to retake the MCAT (expired) and focus on more EC since I didn't get in

MCAT: 30 (11/10/9) in 2011
517 (96%) (C/P:130, CARS:126, B/BS:131, P/S:130)

EC: physical therapy technician, physical therapy aide, tutoring English as a second language, child care, shadowing, skilled nursing volunteer, Pet touch therapy for assisted living, oncology volunteer, certified my dog for hospital animal therapy, and certified nurse assistant (CNA)

I also added some non clinical EC: powerlifting, working at a wine store, D1 football, executive officer for Fratnerity, etc.

This cycle I'm applying to 12 schools: LSU-NO (in-state), LSU-S (In-state), Stanford, USCD, UCLA, UCLA Davis, Baylor, UNC, Miami, Tulane, Louisville, and Morehead

What are my chances for these schools/any advise?

Again thank you for any help for can offer


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Nov 4, 2011
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UCD doesn't usually take OOS.
I cannot recommend the other CA schools for you, either.
There is no Morehead Medical school, if you mean Morehouse, you might want to check their mission and demographics.

On your list there are 4 schools where you have a fair to good chance of an interview.
Add another dozen and you are in business.
Have you purchased the MSAR?
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