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Aug 29, 2016
Okay I'm in the first quarter of my second year of college . I'm about to withdraw from 2 classes because of financial reasons . Over all I'll have 4 W's so far .

Here are the reasons for the W's ...

W #1 : I withdrew from math because it was my first semester of college and I was slightly overwhelmed being that I also have to work to support myself . I still managed to get an A and two B's .

W #2 : I withdrew from college success because my advisor told me that I didn't need to take that class and that I would be okay if I withdrew it . I already had 4 more classes, in which I made two B's and two C's .

W #3 & 4 : I recently transferred to a school because it's closer to home and I don't have to drive an hour everyday to school . Keep in mind that I was a transient at this same school over the summer and I made two A's . When I transferred I didn't meet with an advisor or anything I just started going to the school since I was already familiar with it from the summer . I recently found out that one of the classes I'm taking isn't needed so I withdrew from it because I don't wanna pay for a class I don't need . Well after I did that it dropped me below full time credit hours and they took away my financial aid which left me not being able to afford biology for this quarter so I had to also drop that class .

( I transferred from a semester system school to a quarter system school, so I'll be able to pick up the same classes in about three weeks once my financial aid settles )

Please tell me if this will still let me be able to get into med school ...
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