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Oct 4, 2003
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5 Anesthesiology books for sale. They are all in superb shape essentially brand new, never even opened a few of them. Would like to sell them as a bundle...perfect for a CA-1. Included books are great for board prep with a question book, learning to setup rooms, and anesthetic considerations for different types of cases. Here's the list of books:

1. Basics of Anesthesia 4th edition by Stoelting and Miller
2. Clinical Anesthesiology Board Review by Chu
3. Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Mass. General Hospital by Dunn
4. Anesthesia Secrets 3rd edition by Duke
5. Anesthesiology Problem-Oriented Patient Management 6th edition by Yao

All these books used on Amazon would be > $160 plus extra for shipping.

Asking for $135 total with shipping.