505 MCAT 3.94 cGPA chance of getting into Temple or Drexel

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Feb 23, 2016
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Hi all,

Back in February, I took my MCAT and received a not-so satisfactory score of a 505 (Phys/Chem:129 CARS:125 Bio/Biochem:128 Psychology:123). During the time I took it, I was a Division I rower for Rutgers University and trained twice a day/6 days a week. I also worked in a marine science lab and was in charge of my own project in which I ended up writing a thesis that received high honors. Due to my time constraint, I did not prepare for the MCAT and did poorly on the psych section. As I am studying now, I realize I cannot improve the CARS section as English is my second language and I have always had issues with standardized testing critical reading especially on the SAT. My goal is to get into a Philadelphia or New Jersey school and wanted to see my chances if I applied now with this current score. Here are my stats:

I. Graduated Rutgers University-NB
-Molecular Biology & Biochemistry major/Chemistry minor
-Summa Cum Laude 3.94 cGPA

II. Worked in a marine science laboratory for 3 years
-Managed to teach younger undergraduates the techniques needed
-Presented data information to Ph.D's associated in the field
-Project required genetic manipulation of a diatom (type of phytoplankton) a technique that has been seldom done before
-Wrote Senior Honors Thesis (Construction of Death-specific protein knockdown clones in the diatom Thalassiosira pseduonana) which received high honors

III. Rutgers University Heavyweight Crew (all 4 years)
-1st boat bowseat that has competed in large races like the Head of the Charles and the Eastern Sprints
-trained 6 days/week with no offseason (yearlong commitment)
- volunteer work was done with the team
+helped with organization of the Big Chill all 4 years of school(a 5k race done every year at Rutgers that requires a toy donation which is then given to impoverished children during the holiday season)
+forgot the name of the organization but every year we help bake pies which are then sold to regular people. The money is then donated to homeless shelters and food banks.
+Volunteer coach for the Raritan Valley Rowing Club during a week in the summer. We coach younger kids (about middle school to early high school) the fundamentals of rowing and then take them out into an actual boat so that they can race against their peers. Lots of fun and the kids enjoy it!

IV. Clinical Experience 50 hours of shadowing of a PCP
-learned a lot about patient treatment as well had hands on the treatment process myself (took out stitches, performed the lachman test on patient's knees, assessed x-rays and blood tests: really learned a lot about diabetes as well as drug addictions and how to treat them)
-NOTE: I am continuing to do some volunteer work at my local hospital

V. Brief Background about my life
- I am a first generation immigrant and was born in Belarus (was soviet union at that time). I moved to America when I was 5 years old without having an knowledge of English and had a tough time in elementary school because I could not communicate with other students. Although I learned the language relatively quickly, I still have issues understanding some words and American ideologies as I was raised in a home that only spoke Russian. During my early years, my family was quite poor and both my parents worked 2 jobs to support us. From this experience, I feel as if I can relate to many of the people in America that do not have the means to live comfortably and for those type of people I really want to give medical care as a future physician. In my later years, I have always loved sports and was a dual sport athlete in high school. In college, I tried to do the same with lacrosse and crew and tore my ACL three weeks into my senior year. This was my second revelation at wanting to become a physician. I really enjoyed the idea of the surgery and always asking questions to my orthopedic surgeon. I would say the recovery from this injury was hell and put me into a deep depression as I was not able to walk for months due to still being in school and not being able to go to PT. I decided to do my own PT and came back to rowing after 4 months after surgery. I was terrible at my sport at first because my left leg was so atrophied but the sport saved myself and I ended up progressively getting better until I made the first boat. (On a side note, I am 5' 8" and am the shortest oarsman on the team. To make 1st boat, I had to beat out guys that had 20-30 pounds on me as well as a height of 6' 2"-6' 5"). The moral of my story is that I would love to get into orthopedics because I want my patients to enjoy life by being active and can relate to the depressing episodes of being helpless from an injury regardless if the person is an athlete or not.

With my credentials, I would like to know if I stand a chance to getting into Drexel or Temple as these are my ideal schools. Many people have told me to retake my MCAT, but I feel that I have proven myself with the sciences. My CARS section is weak and my psychology section is a disaster due to my lack of knowing the theories and formulas asked. I would love to apply this cycle and would like to know what my chances would be. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my lengthy post.


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Sep 15, 2012
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You have a chance for an interview at Temple and Drexel but if you want to attend a MD school in 2017 you will need to apply very broadly with your MCAT score. Schools where you could receive an interview with your stats include:
All 3 NJ state schools
Penn State
New York Medical College
Oakland Beaumont
Western Michigan
Medical College Wisconsin
Rosalind Franklin