Dec 8, 2014
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
I'm a NY resident and I'm planning on applying to all of the NY State Schools, as well as about 15 other schools mostly in the Northeast. I am semi-nontraditional, I was a student-athlete in college and I have a vast array of non-traditional extracurriculars, as well as clinical research, physician shadowing, and volunteer work. I am working on a Masters in Public Health, and I took some science prereqs post-graduation while also taking my graduate classes. I had a rough start to my undergrad and really struggled in my science courses, which explains my low GPA despite the fact that I have gotten nearly all A's since my Junior year.

In general, what do you think my chances are for a NY state school? Private schools in the Northeast?
Some of my top choices:
-SUNY Upstate + Downstate
-Albany Medical College
-NY Medical College
-University of Rochester (reach)
-George Washington
-University of Vermont


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Sep 15, 2012
Attending Physician
Apply to SUNY Buffalo, Einstein (reach), Quinnipiac, Penn State, Drexel, Jefferson, Georgetown, Eastern Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth.