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Mar 1, 2013
Is there any possible advice to convince OOS schools that I truly do want to leave Texas?
Have you looked closely at the numbers? It just doesn't make sense for a Texan to go out of state unless someone else is paying...

My suggestion -- Apply to every single Texas school. No more. No less.

Also, acceptance data appears to suggest that Texas med schools favor high GPAs over high MCATs, so focus your remaining time on boosting your sGPA.
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Oct 29, 2015
Fee assistance comes with the 16 free AMCAS applications so I might as well try anyway I guess.
I'd say most on your reach and super-reach list are such a stretch as to be useless due to GPA, Texas state of residence and in some cases, being OOS applying to schools such as UCals, Utah and Colorado. I'd apply to your low/in-state list and maybe add Creighton, St. Louis University and Tulane because they're private. Keep Keck perhaps and the rest as long as they're free on the waiver program. Funny everyone else would kill for the number of Texas schools, instate preference and low tuition and you want to leave.


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Jan 31, 2015
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Can confirm, am Texas resident, II at all Texas schools radio silence everywhere else. 513 3.98. Didn’t apply any T20 besides Baylor though. And trust me application essays take a long time to do well :p. Several Texas schools asked me what other schools I interviewed at not sure what role that plays if they see u applying to a ton OOS. Plus 20k a year IS vs 60k OOS
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