MD 519 MCAT 3.7 cGPA / 3.65 sGPA

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Jun 20, 2017
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Hi everyone, I got a much higher MCAT score than I had anticipated, so I have to nearly scrap my old school list and start anew. I was wondering if you all could help me out with a school list.

State of Residence: Georgia (GA)

Overall GPA: 3.75 ish Science GPA: 3.69 ish
MCAT: 519 (C/P: 131 CARS: 130 B/B: 128 P/S: 130) (98%tile)
Lizzy M: 74.4

: Chemistry and French

Race: Hispanic (Argentina) [Is this still URM?] Jewish
Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Very Good), French (Fluent), Polish (Intermediate/Conversational)

Research: (1200 hours by graduation) One year so far in Neuroscience / Cell bio lab. 20+ Hours per week year-round. My data was presented via poster by my PI at a national Cell Bio conference. I am continuing the lab all next year for a total of 2 years by graduation.

ECs: Employment at a restaurant 5 years about. Worked my way up from busboy -> host -> kitchen -> server -> Bartender (what I do now) -> Corporate trainer (helped open a new location in Feb. & Mar. 2017)

Peer advisor for Hispanic freshmen
Peer tutor at Chemistry resource center 2x a week
Study abroad peer advisor for France and Western Europe
Eagle Scout Award (medically related project)
Internship at hospital in Paris France (10 weeks, full-time).
Undergraduate Coordinator for a free clinic run my medical and pharmacy students. 6 hrs/week for 6 months and going.
Fraternity Involvement
Week-Long Holocaust education conference in Poland
70 hours shadowing across specialties (not including time spent at my hospital internship).
Hobbies Listed: Competitive long-distance running, Backpacking

Letters: Science: Orgo Professor and Biochemistry Professor. Both will be good (not excellent). Had them for honors classes that are only 25 students instead of lectures.

-Non-science: Will be excellent. From my honor's Philosophy professor who I took a 3-semester course series with.
-P.I. for my lab that I've been working in for a year 20+ hours per week. Poster presentation. Will be very good
-Directors of the free clinic that I am a coordinator and volunteer for six hours a week for the past year. Excellent letter
-Mayor of my city that I grew up in who got to know me through extensive community involvement and outreach. (Going to only send this to my state-schools who are looking for community involvement). Excellent letter
-Doctor who was my boss at an internship I did in France for 3 months. Good letter.
-Vice-President of the restaurant company that I have been working at for 5-6 years. Very very good.

Personal Statement Topic: Talking about how my experiences taught me that medicine is not about fighting deadly disease, but it is more about improving lives and quality of life while people are alive.

School List:
Medical College of Georgia
U Penn
Keck at Southern California
UNC - Chapel Hill
Miami (though I am afraid of a Spanish interview with them for various reasons including my informal Rioplatense Spanish)
Boston University

Should I knock any off / add any on?

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