Oct 15, 2013
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I've pretty much settled on my schedule for my 6th semester, with one exception:Calc III. My freshman year was a low point motivationally, with my C+ in Calc I being the nadir. Since then I've had a 4.0 each semester. Now I'm about to start my 6th semester, which I view as my last semester of classes before applying to med schools. Is there any logic to taking Calc III to try and "offset" my iffy Calc I grade? My work ethic has improved leaps and bounds since then, so I have no doubt I'd do well in there, I just wonder if anyone has any insight as to whether or not I'm over thinking this, and if my time would be better used elsewhere. For what it's worth I am interested in the class, however I acknowledge it'd be a bit of a time commitment, and could potentially cut into my time spent shadowing and/or volunteering.


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Jun 24, 2011
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Unless you need it for your major, don't take it. Your multiple 4.0 semesters speak more to your academic ability and will do the offsetting for you. Good luck!


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Mar 16, 2008
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If you're interested in it, go ahead and take the class. But it's really not worth it to "offset" a grade in a different math class. You've obviously proved that you can do well by getting a 4.0 since then, which I'm assuming included Calc II. At this point, an A in Calc III would probably look no different than an A in any other substantial class.