Jul 25, 2011

It looks like 8/10 highest paying are MD jobs, 1 is Orthodontist, and the other is being a CEO. Dunno if this is already common knowledge, but I thought it was interesting. I thought Law, Business, and even Engineering would be more evenly mixed in there.

I also realize that these are mean salaries, and that other jobs can top out higher. Still, I think it's relevant, and for me, unexpected. It sounds like we as an industry can only go down from here.
Apr 28, 2012
Medical Student
I wouldn't trust those numbers. All other surveys have rads, cards, etc making much more than anesthesia and at higher average salaries. Also surgeons make more than anesthesia. Furthermore they are about 100k lower than medscape survey.

And while it is true you CAN make a lot in other fields like law and business that is definitely not a guarantee. However in medicine if you work full time it is essentially guaranteed that you will make a high gross income (but taking out all the insurance you have pay evens things out).