90 day BOG policy suspended


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Mar 9, 2011
    Has anyone heard that the 90 day bog policy for guard reserve docs has been suspended for Covid? Curious if anyone else has been affected by this and potential long term effects on recruitment and retention.


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    Mar 25, 2010
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      Well i'm a "90 day BOGer" currently sitting in quarantine/demob 45 days after I was supposed to REFRAD. I will say the command tried their best to get me back stateside where I was needed but hit usual roadblocks up the chain of command with the COVID situation. So YMMV.


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      Jun 15, 2017
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        Yup. Pretty much everybody got stuck in place with the COVID mess.
        It would be naive to think that when the entire army stops moving people around that reservists would somehow be immune.
        My guess is it will be policy once again after the COVID hysteria calms down a bit, for the reasons you mentioned.


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        Jul 23, 2004
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          For Army Reserve responding to COVID, some docs had orders cut for 180 days. COVID was determined to be one of the exceptions for which the BOG policy does not apply.
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