Nov 22, 2010
Apartment name: Dartmouth Court
Address: 1072 Stanford, Irvine, CA, 92612
Costs: Rent: $980/month for single or $490/month for double (No Deposits)
Utilities: ~$35/month this includes high-speed internet, electricity, water, and garbage disposal
Who you will be sharing the apartment with: Two UCI male students.
What you can expect from us: Respect, Honesty, Cleanliness, and Understanding.
What we want from you: 1) Prompt rent payment. 2) Cleanliness.
About your room/living conditions: It is a master bedroom with one bathroom and one walk-in closet. There is also access to a patio. In terms of parking, we have 1 garage and 1 parking permit. The rest of the parking spots are on a first come first serve basis.
About Dartmouth Court: This is a 5 minute walk from the UCI campus. It is close to surrounding vendors. They have a pool, a Jacuzzi, and laundry rooms.
Please email or call (562) 506 - 8727.
Thank you.