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Jan 15, 2002
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Well, after a year of applying to many PA schools around the country, I have been accepted to one school. That school is Red Rocks. This is the good news. The semi-bad news is that Red Rocks was my very last choice out of all the schools I applied to. The decision I'm facing is whether to go to Red Rocks now, or try re-applying to the other schools I'd rather go to next year. I should have a better chance of getting into those other schools next year, but, of course, there are no guarantees. I would also have to endure rewriting all my essays, traveling to interviews and spending another huge chunk of cash. I would appreciate anyone's opinion on this matter. By the way, Red Rocks is a new program at a community college with a masters option to finish with a degree from St. Francis.

Any ideas? :confused:


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Feb 4, 2002
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Dear PA hopeful,

I have been in your shoes before, but have been put on waiting lists and believe me, those are no fun either. I am originally from Virginia and applied to PA school there and in texas. That was two years ago, and I finally ended up moving to Texas and doing research in Houston. I was put on the alternate list at Eastern Virginia Medical School when I lived there. At the time, I was a grad student in Richmond. They have an excellent Master's program located on the coast, and the best part is that the program starts in January. So, while others start normally in the summer, you would interview at that time, and then would start after the first of the year. I would suggest you at least check it out, and look for others that start later. Their website is <a href="http://www.evms.edu." target="_blank">www.evms.edu.</a> Click on education and then MPAS physician assistant program (or something like that). I don't think that they go through Caspa so you could use the same essays. You need 3 experiences with a PA that you have to document. (Not hard). Anyway, I really liked it when I interviewed there. Just didn't get lucky enough to get in. Good luck to you.


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Jun 13, 2001
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.."A bird in the hand...." If you didn't want to go to the program then why did you apply? think about that for a minute. The school I went to closed the year after I went and I have been practicing succesfuly fo rmany years. As long as the school is accredited then yu might want tot consider your options. What are you gonna do for the next year? No one really cares where you wen to school as long as it is accredited. Oh...Dukies will say "I went to Duke,etc" but they aren't neccesarily better than you....YUOu get out of it what you put into it....

Do what you wanna do... Ya gotta start life at some time....you might as well get on with it.

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