A Breakdown for the NON-Amazing DAT takers

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    I really can't believe I'm writing this. this may sound silly but i feel so cool to be doing this.
    So this was second time taking DAT, took it last year in August, without Organic 2, genetics, and anatomy. (I say anatomy because i had a great teacher who really expanded on topics to a greater biology perspective) I did that one guys main thread on the home page while taking Human Physiology in the summer. Yeah, it sucked and didn't go well. I got a 17 and was super dejected. But i was only a soph going into junior year and took it a year early and even applied.

    PAT: 24
    QR: 18
    RC: 20
    GC: 19
    OC: 26
    TS: 20
    AA: 21

    I have a 3.36(freshman year :dead:) as a bio major/chem minor. My last 60 hours are muuuuuucccch better then my first 30. applying for second time, what you guys thing are my chances???

    I started studying 3 days after school got out so about May 12th. Went about 3-6 hours a day since i worked around 20-30 hours a week and worked out at 6am every morning. Sometimes i had better quality studying then others. Hard to stay focused for so long for me.

    PAT: I bought CDP last year so i still had it and did it maybe twice a week in the beginning. when i bought DAT boot camp a week and a half before my test, i did all those tests. I think everyones angles rankings are way harder than the DAT, especially CDP. Some of those i really want to know the actual angle difference. I do the tic tac toe set up for hole punching and theres really no way to use that and miss more than two.
    DAT: the cube counting was really easy figures, and the angles were a little easier

    QR: I suck at calculations, like really bad. I was scared to death of this. I did math destroyer and honestly didn't get better than 25/40. I haven't had math in awhile and even then i sucked. but ya gotta just keep chugging, its supposed to be really hard. Trig, square roots, and variable stuff i had to fill in with khan academy. I s l o w l y got better with those.... but word problems were way hard for me. Im not good at pulling the info out and setting up an equation. but again i got a little better. Math destroyer was $$$$$, as in money well spent. Its pretty hard and i only went tests 1-10, but it does incredibly similar questions. Ari's method to go through all of them only doing the EZ ones is really good. Bootcamp i didn't do good on for some reason, the last two tests i got killed on:dead:. QR for me was all about keeping a positive attitude.
    DAT: Honestly 3 questions were almost identical to destroyer. I can tell ya which ones if ya care. I was worried cuz so many ppl have been doing poorly and I'm even worse than them. I had gone through all the questions with 10 mins left, and only skipped about 6. I'm sure i missed all those 6. i usually either can do it or not at all.

    RC: I did the SnD method last time, and i don't like it. I used to read a ton and am a really good reader and pretty quick, so i just did that. read through the whole thing, then the q's. just did bootcamp about a week before and practiced reading Ari's articles.
    DAT: i got a passage on mutations and have just taken genetics so it was pretty easy. I feel like you can't study much for this. Just practice reading on bootcamp's articles.

    GC & OC: to everyone's surprise...... CHADS. he's simply the best. i took detailed notes one watch through all of them. then destroyer questions until the week before. destroyer was great, hard but very effective. all the questions seemed to be alike. I divided the questions up by the days i had left and did each number set once a day. Bootcamp tests were pretty spot on. I like them because it sets up a really good DAT-like testing situation. i never timed myself on destroyer so it was good to take it like the real thing.
    DAT: The GC on the DAT was the only thing that actually really hard to me... idk i got some tough ones i thought. know how to balance combustion reactions. the orgo was basic. kno E1,E2,SN1,SN2. i got one q on what was the name of a rxn which i thought was stupid cuz i knew what the rxn did but whatever i guessed:eyebrow:

    BIO: I did 5 pages of feralis notes review a day. this got me through all of them twice. then destroyer bio questions. I don't think many people use that part of the destroyer, but you should. if you look in the back at the answers, they explain stuff really good and its basically like studying the topic. DAT Bootcamp BIO i thought was awesome. he gives great explanations and the questions were really similar.
    DAT: def kno photosynthesis, and cell respiration stuff, like where it is, what it produces, not how much thats too specific. hardy weinberg eqtn, i got a super easy one where they gave me the recessive and dominant allele percentages and just asked for the hetero............lol thank you. wish i would hit this harder though. i studied a bunch of stomach enzymes but didn't get one. :rage:

    Overall: My scores may not reflect it, but i thought it was no where near as hard as i thought it would be. Like all the ppl on here who drop 25's AA, y'all might of got straight 30's. but I'm happy with my score moving up 4 points.
    Advice: Don't make this DAT process harder or more complicated than it already is. Get a few studying materials, separate them out over the time you have, and then hit them hard!! IMO destroyer, math destroyer, Feralis, and DAT Bootcamp is all you need. Don't try to study 15 different materials. get a few and master them. Also, SDN is an incredible tool. Im really surprised the people i talk to have never heard of it. You guys have helped me so much and i want to thank you. But this site should not take over your life. Don't get on it everyday and check stuff, you will just read peoples BD's and get depressed or lazy. Get the help you need and then just stay in the books. I didn't do this last year and just kept taking ideas to study and what not until i had to many materials and too many strategy's and too little time to master any of them. DONT GET OVERWHELMED. 2o mins into natural sciences i realized this was just a test. As much as it would suck, you can take it again. reeeeeelllllaaaaaaaax.:soexcited:Wont lie i watched a couple motivational videos on youtube a week before, totally helped :highfive:

    Again thank you guys for all your help, lifesavers man. Also if Ari reads this, want to say thank you. While i struggled with your tests, you gave really similar questions and setups. But what i really benefited from was all the extra help like reading articles, pneumonic examples, study guides, and just general help. really worked for me.

    now I'm gonna go do hood rat things with my friends:cool:
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    Great job! I'm so happy for you and congrats on your improvement. Admittedly, I'm super excited to write one of these tomorrow.
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    Good job. Nice breakdown.
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    Great scores, congratulations!

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