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Mar 16, 2008
i'm doing Bio Sci transfer classes through a local CC and want to just go to a UC so that i can get them passed there, but the CC requires i take up to Ochem, then transfer.

can i just switch my major @ the cc to a Liberal Arts, take advantage of the minimum amount of classes to transfer, then switch back to Bio Sci once i get to the UC?

hope you all understand this, i really want to get into the fast gear so i can apply @ UoP!!


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Nov 19, 2008
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The UC's only require that you take Gchem before you transfer, at least UCI did, the CC can't say anything about it. There are many many counselors who have absolutely no idea what they're taking about - go talk to your UC transfer Rep when he/she comes to your school - your transfer center should have an appointment sheet for when they're coming.

Though if you do take Ochem at the CC, it's not a really big deal. I took the year of Bio, Ochem, Gchem, and Physics before I transferred, and it only came up at one of my interviews. Columbia didn't seem to mind at all. As long as you do well in your upper divs the CC aspect doesn't make a big deal (unless it's a dental school that doesn't take CC credit - there are a few - though many of the ones that say they don't actually will, I got accepted to a school that says they take no CC credit.)

Edit: Sorry, I just checked UCLA, and they want one semester of Ochem before you transfer, and suggest the second one. This makes sense because as a junior you should have already taken Ochem. Some classes you need to be taking as a junior have a pre-req of Ochem, ie, biochem.

If you're interested in going to UCI, they have a guaranteed transfer program that requires you to only get a 3.0 and B's in Gchem and you automatically get a seat in the Bio program. I did that and it worked like a charm.

If you try to switch majors, and then try to switch back once you go to the UC, you'll have a hard time getting into some classes that are restricted to Bio Majors only that you need to graduate, and it'll probably take at least a year before you can change majors - this isn't worth the hassle.