A Documentry "Medical from India to the US"

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Sep 4, 2008
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First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am Di Haman, a Casting Director and Unit Production Manager in the film industry.

Please know I am COMPLETELY NEW to posting on forums, so I am a novice at blogs. Please bare with me as I am only used to posting casting calls on web sites that actors, models or talent agents frequant.

The reason I am in this forum is because there is a great possibility a DOCUMENTRY will be funded to allow a film crew to document the journey of 6 MEDICAL STUDENTS from India, who will eventually practice medical in the USA. And that is ONLY IF I find the right 'interesting" 6 individuals.

At present we are considering the following types of male and female students based on: years in med school, area of intended practice, a student of a family member who is currently practicing in the US, young student to a more mature student, single student, married student, those who have been to the US before and those who have never been to the US. There is a possibility that we may also seek a student who has a physical disability as well.

Project title "Medical from India to the US"
Project type: Non union project-Documentry
Production: On location
Production start date: TBD (possible June 2009)
Pay scale: None
Roles: 6 possibally 7

I seek diversity in students as intent is to document a variety of different situations that may arise during their journey from med school in India to eventually practicing medicine in the US

The concept of this piece will document the personal lives of students, their college endeavor and their transition from India to practicing medicine in the US.

Distribution is expected to be for Public Broadcasting Stations. We suspect colleges in the US as well as India may also show a documentary of this nature to future med students.

If you have interest in being considered for this project please complete the following information and send it to [email protected]

Name: First only of not comfortable disclosing last name
Address: Exact physical address NOT necessary at this time
Email address: Necessary you may create Yahoo/Hotmail or AOL if preferred
Gender: Necessary
Age: Necessary
Years in med school: Necessary
Area of practice: Necessary
Physical disability: IF one exists please indicate, this information will NOT have a negative affect
Family: Is a family member practicing medicine in the US or plan to practice in the US the year 2010? Y or N
Photo: Necessary (professional photo is NOT necessary, a digital will be fine)

Write a BRIEF 1 page bio describing to me why you feel your journey would be interesting enough to document. I would also like to see your photo for casting purposes which should be embedded into your bio page along with hthe infomation requested above.

Please know, my credentials can be verified and my professional email address will be given to those candidates who qualify for the final selection.

Also be aware that casting will not be complete until pre production staff has found all of our finalists. I hope to secure ALL 6 by December 30, 2008 as I will be on location assignment in NC commencing Jan 2009 for a feature film based on a true story surrounding the removal of the Cherokee people that occurred between the mid 1700's to 1842. I will resume casting upon my return IF necessary.

In advance, I thank you for your interest in submitting to this project. Those individuals who are up for consideration will be contacted accordingly. There is NO need to submit more than one time.

Thank you,

Di Haman