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Jul 25, 2001
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For all you MCW folks out there, I have a few questions...

A) Which excursion did you choose for orientation?

1) Milwaukee County Zoo
2) Boerner Botanical Gardens (eh, don't think I'm goin' there)


3) Milwaukee Art Museum

B) How much is DSL/Cable (specifically in West Allis)? Any special deals out there?

C) Who provides the best cell phone service in Milwaukee?


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Jul 31, 2000
Madison, WI
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I chose the Milwaukee Zoo because the botanical gardens aren't that exciting, and while the Calcatrava wing at the Art Museum is truly awesome, I've already seen it, and I haven't been to the zoo since grade school. I've got the Thursday excursion.

Where in West Allis are you living? My BF and I just signed a place there, near Hwy 100. It's nice (compared to what I'm used to on a college campus), close to school for me, and to the freeway for him.

As far as DSL and cable, we are going to go with Roadrunner through Time Warner. They have a deal going on now where it's 9.95 for the first 3 months and 44.95 after that (and free installation I think). That includes rental of equipment, etc. CHeck out We are then just going to use our cell phones for telephone service. We have both used TDS Metrocom phone service and DSL for the past two years, and the service is awful, each time each of us moved (4 separate occaisions), it took them MONTHS to get our lines set up. They also charged me for the out of service time, and I nearly threatened legal action before they refunded it. Their internet is about 45/month, too, but you also have to buy the modem. SBC Ameritech is far more expensive, and the service is even worse. Granted, we haven't tried Roadrunner yet, but it has GOT to be better than the DSL services around here!

As far as cell phones go, I swear by US Cellular around here. I don't know the details of their contracts because I got mine through my dad's company, but there are NEVER service outages, never had dropped calls or dead spots like my roommate who uses Cingular.

If you have any more questions about living in Milwaukee, just let me know! I'll be moving in on August 2nd, and I guess I'll see you around school shortly after that!

:) Shannon
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