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A MGH resident speaks (on their now-defunct outsourcing initiative)


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Nov 17, 2003
the B'Nai Geserat rathskeller
  1. Attending Physician
Good news....

(from a post on auntminnie.com in response to a request to get an MGH resident's opinion on the outsourcing/credentialing program MGH had for Indian Radiologists)

OK - Here's the truth: I am a current resident at MGH and have discussed this with Dr. Saini at length -- There are currently NO PLANS to train pseudo-radiologists from elsewhere to become final signers. There was a pilot program to have MGH attendings or fellows go to India to provide telerad for the hospital, no different than is being done elsewhere. The plan you mentioned was considered and dropped, partly due to opposition from within the department. The company that is doing the Telerad (WIPRO) is a separate entity and may be trying to market the idea, but it won't be through MGH, period. Right now the only work being done outside the US is 3D lab processing overnight.

That's the final word on this -- please let the issue rest. I can promise you that MGH is not an evil institution, and there are many individuals (myself included) who are opposed to any plan to outsource radiology, put patients in danger, create loopholes for malpractice issues, etc.

If you are going to post, please back it up with facts, not other posts on random bulletin boards. This type of disinformation doesn't help anyone
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