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Jul 22, 2008
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Does anybody have any comments about Internal medicine program at Carolinas HealthCare System - Charlotte, NC ?

it would be very helpful for me. I got an interview there but i am trying to get more info about their program from people like you. Any comment help, good or bad.

thank you all.:)


It will get better once you are...still waiting :)
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Oct 8, 2003
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From what I know, It is pretty strong community program and with talks/plans underway to extend UNC SOM at chapel hill to Charlotte in near future (and i am talking very near future) it will be its own university affiliated hospital. Reseach I have heard is pretty strong. Can't comment on fellowship matches.


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May 15, 2008
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I did meet one guy from there who was a resident there (perhaps chief resident or something...not sure), who was interviewing for medicine fellowships in the Southeast when I was. He kept showing up at the same interviews as me. He said he liked it. That is all I know.
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