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Jun 17, 2009
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I took a few extra classes this semester, thinking I could boost my GPA. I bombed the MCAT (25) and of course will have to retake. Here is my situation:

I'm a post-bacc who graduated from nursing school in 2006. Since then have worked in pediatric critical care in an inner city hospital. Also have started working as a sexual assault nurse examiner in the past 18 months. Bunch of medical mission trips to third world countries. Great LOR's, most of which are associate professors at one of the schools I'm applying to.

Way-back undergrad at U. of Mich:(2001-2003)

Bio I: A
Bio II: C
Chem lab: C+
Algebra: C+
Anat/phys: B
Stat 1: B
Chem I (lab + lecture this time, different class than the first, traditional "gen chem") A

Got pregnant, got married and wised up (I was young but it was for the best in many ways.) Realized I needed a real job, switched to nursing. Graduated from Hopkins. Other than a stat class which I got an A in, my Hopkins stuff doesn't count toward sGPA. Graduated with a 3.6.

Chem II: A
Orgo I: C
Orgo I lab: B+
Orgo I retake: B+
Orgo II: B+
Orgo II lab: B
Physics I: A-
Physics II: A
Cell bio: A
Biochem: A-

Now here's the sh*tty part: I decided to take histo, immuno and immuno lab this semester. Histo and imm lab are fine, but I am at HIGH RISK for getting a B+ in immuno lecture, which is a 3 credit. I was a total *****: I came back from a medical aid trip to Haiti with a raging case of dengue. Since my prof had been awesome about letting me move exams when the ol' pager goes off, and to go to Haiti in the first place, I felt terrible asking her to move the exam for me yet again. So.. I took it with a 103 fever and a hell of a stiff neck. I did horrible and am terrified. If I get a B+, is this the end of the show for me?


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Sep 4, 2006
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A B+ is never the end of the show for anyone. You've gotten some As in upper-level Bio and hopefully in Histo, as well, with more to come, perhaps, next semester. You have a good reason for the B+, so don't be down on yourself (though it's understandable, when you've been so sick recently). Have confidence that your usual sense of altruism will snap back soon and put this in proper perspective.

Any bites in the current application round?
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