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Jun 13, 2000
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when i was trying to fill out the online form, i found out that this org. is very politicaly biased!

it listed the two Korea as

korea, north."

I don't know who did this form. that is so unintelligent.

there is no such thing as two countries with "korea, and Korea, north."

the person should have put it as "korea, north; korea, south."

second, it listed "people's republic of china" as

"China, communist."

There is just no such a country in the world with the legal name of "china, communist!" Even Bush knows! And to most people in this country, anything about communist is bad. it is like listing south central los angeles as "black ghetto la." And the person who came from that area is forced to choose it, becaus s/he has no choice!

then it listed another "China!"
with the name of "China, republic of (taiwan)."

we know, usa only recognizes one China, that is Pepole's republic of China. "republic of china" was abolished in 1949.

I checked out aamc's application, they are very right. They listed China as China, and two koreas with their full names, taiwan as (province of China.)

who is working for aacom? with such a politically biased application, it really makes me wonder if i want to be a do. someone change it already! we all need to send personal emails to aacom, tell them about this politically biased application!


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Jun 16, 2002
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I personally think the bigger problem is that you are required to put information about your ethnicity or where you come from. Unless you are a citizen of a foreign country, it shouldn't matter where you come from. The medical school application process is more biased in it's goal to be politically correct than it is in anything else. So whatever you do, don't put down causcasian male, or your chances of getting into a med school just dropped a few percent. They should allow the best applicant in regardless of ethnicity, and they should definitely take americans over foreigners! Just my humble opinion.
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