AACOMAS personal statement vs. AMCAS p.s.

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    I am sending in my aacomas and amcas applications this Thursday for my second try at admission to medical school. I have written my amcas personal statment, but know there is less space to use up for the aacomas statement. Is there as much focus on creativity on the aacomas essay or should I feel more like I can just lay down the facts and why I want to be an osteopathic physician? (as opposed to adapting what I can from my amcas essay) I ask because everything I've read on med school personal statments has focused on the allopathic ones which can be longer and generally more creative because of that. I'd appreciate any input on what you all know from experience or from what others have said. Also, if you know what individual schools want - that would be helpful too. I am from Ohio so info from anybody going to OUCOM would be extremely helpful. THANK YOU!
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    Feel free to check out my personal statement for AACOMAS. It worked for me. It is on my homepage. http://www.msu.edu/user/stromsco/

    When I sat down at my interview, the first thing my interviewer said to me was that it looked like I had put a lot of thought into the essay.

    I think the key to the application essay for an osteopathic school is to describe for them just WHY you want to go to an osteopathic school rather than an allopathic school. If they sense that you're just "keeping options open" they will equate that with being uncommitted to Osteopathic Medicine, in my opinion. You should demonstrate that you have an understanding for Osteopathic Medicine, above all. Then, demonstrate with examples how your personal philosophy of medicine relates to it (hopefully, this is favorably).

    Good luck to you. It is a long hard hurdle to overcome, but when you do, it is the best!

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