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Sep 8, 2001
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DOes anybody know where on the AADSAS app I can find my cumulative AADSAS GPA once I have all my classes filled?

So if we took a class the first time and withdrawl and took it the second time, we would indicate a "W" 1st time and a "R" second time right? But since W is not taken into GPA calculation nor credit hours earned, what difference does it make to put a R 2nd time or not? It states that both the original and repeated course are included in computation of GPA, but if the original (1st time) was a W, then it wouldn't be calculated in GPA because it was never complete in the 1st place with a letter grade.



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Oct 7, 2001
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What you stated was correct, and the W won't affect your GPA. The "Repeated" catergory helps the adcoms perhaps see how many classes you've repeated, etc. Of course, if you have received a letter grade twice, then the "repeat" mark becomes more important.

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