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AADSAS loses letters of recomendation


Be a DDS or die trying
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Oct 28, 2005
The great state of a epiphany
  1. Dental Student

    AADSAS website shows that some of my recomendations have been recieved while others havent. 2 Evaluaters whose letters have not been recieved told me they sent it over 3 weeks ago. Does any1 think they could have lost the letters or are they that slow? Man, if they are that slow, they suck reaaaal bad. :thumbdown: :thumbdown:


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    Oct 21, 2005
    1. Pre-Dental
      Yes, they lose LORs... a guy I met at an interview said he applied really early, but because AADSAS lost his LORs, his application was considered incomplete by schools and was therefore evaluated late. He could've lost a lot of interview opportunities if he hadn't called the schools to check after a few months of not hearing from them. It might be safer to send the LORs to schools yourself if you can manage it.
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