AAFP National Conference

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Dec 31, 2002
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Is anyone planning on attending this year's conference?

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Will be there with bells on! It's a lot of fun.
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eilros said:
Is anyone planning on attending this year's conference?

I plan on attending! That is a stones throw away from where I'm at.
I'm glad to see a few people plan on going. My wife and I went last year and it was a good time and we're heading back this year. We stayed at the Marriott last year but might try to get into Hotel Phillips this year.
I am planning on going to the AAFP conference too. I am coming from Baltimore. I am looking for someone to split a hotel. I am coming on Wendsday night and leaving Saturday. My email is [email protected] or you can call me at (410)-935-6124. hope to hear from you!