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    Hi all! Since the MCAT is shortened now, I've been using the the med school coaches advice on which sections to skip to model what the actual exam will be like as well as their score converter. They tell you what passages to skip, which I do separately but not during my practice full length. Do you think their score converter is accurate? I got a 505 using both converters. I used another score converter as well from another company and got the same score. The aamc hasn't released anything about then new scorings so I dont know where I stand. Any advice on gauging where I am and if that score is accurate?
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    Feb 5, 2020
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      The aamc hasn't released anything about the new scorings likely because the scorings haven’t really changed. Your individual scores will be based on percentiles, not how many problems you got wrong.
      When you do your AAMC FL, you’ll receive a score based on your percentile. That’s the best way to gauge where you’re at.
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