Ability to choose rotations in US for SGU students

Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by Ordones, May 28, 2000.

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  1. Ordones

    Ordones Junior Member

    May 26, 2000
    Palm Beach, Fl, USA
    Some students have mentioned that Step II scores are lower at SGU due to the lack on continuity in clinical education. If you do not really have a choice in where you go for a rotation do you also have little choice in staying at a hospital for an additional rotation, expecially if they like you after the first rotation at the hospital?
    Also, how easy is it to find housing when you are on rotations in the U.S. and GB?
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  3. Carbon Klein

    Carbon Klein Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 22, 2000
    Some SGU affiliated hospitals have 3-4 core rotations (internal med/peds/ob/surgery), while some only have 1 or 2. At the last semester in St Vincent, you are given a wish list to list top 3 hospitals (you are also given a clinical rotations handbook which describes each rotation and each hospital in brief.

    I got my 1st choice: St Michael's in Newark NJ...for Internal Med, Surgery, OB and Peds, pretty sweet, huh? Not really. With one week before I finished my Intro to Medicine rotation (which I did not receive credit for because it was subsequently removed from the SGU curriculum, so my 4 weeks of work was down the drains), SGU told me and 12 of my class mates at St Mike's that we cannot continue there because St Mike's peds dept is no longer open to SGU students (probably on the urging of UMDNJ/Newark's School of medicine). So we had three choices as explained to us by the assoc dean of clinical studies:
    1. Go to upstate NY and do surgery at a smaller hospital (No, they didn't care about housing or the fact that we signed leases for one year in New Jersey).
    2. Go to the UK.
    3. Take a leave of absence from SGU.

    They said that we must choose one of these three options (all 12 went upstate), but that after the surgery rotation, we get a free ticket that will give us ABSOLUTE priority to any rotation...we can cut anybody in line at any SGU affiliated hospital. My buddy tried to use this ticket for his peds rotation, and yep, you guessed it, they denied him. SGU promised us absolute priority, but that means next to nothing. Spin doctors.

    After you've begun your rotations, it's up to you to contact SGU with your scheduling for future rotations. You do this by applying to a hospital and then getting approval from SGU (or something like that). You get free run of the system if you're determined, motivated and know how to finess a secretary over the phone and fax. Otherwise, you're at the mercy of the SGU office who will dump you into the crummiest hospitals with a vacant slot.

    As far as housing goes, most hospitals have apts that are pretty run down. You can either crash there or you can find your own apt. I found my own.
  4. Carbon Klein

    Carbon Klein Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 22, 2000
    By the way, this negative experience with scheduling rotations is not exclusive to SGU. Many US med schools without a university medical center have this same problem. NYMC and CMS Finch students also complained about this same problem of getting rotations. Once they are out there, they feel like they have been abandoned by their med school. So again, this is not a SGU-only problem!
  5. turtleboard

    turtleboard SDN Advisor 10+ Year Member

    Jun 3, 1999
    New York, New York
    In the case of NYMC, aren't they a major, major affiliate of Westchester County Medical Center? If I remember correctly, WCMC is right on the NYMC campus and it's very difficult to even distinguish the two!

    I also thought their affiliates in Manhattan (primarily St. Vincent's, Metropolitan, and NY Eye and Ear) were pretty dedicated to the school.

    Tim of New York City.

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