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Jul 12, 2007
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I've been studying for about 2 months now however it's been VERY mild studying. Since I am in school I've been putting DAT studying aside and after taking a practice test today I realize I really need to get to work.

I took G-Chem more than three years ago and O-Chem two. I remember practically nothing. For material I have Kaplan and Destroyer. For someone like me that is very weak in these subjects currently is this enough? I read about "Chad's videos" a very long time ago and supposedly they're very good but you only get them for like a month or so right? Is that enough time for me to really grasp the material?

I feel I can handle the other sections by simply practicing but both the Chemistry sections give me nightmares because it's been so long since I took them and I was never great at them either.
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Aug 13, 2010
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I would definitely invest in Chad's videos! I am using his college chemistries for school now and I have a 6 month subscription. Often times he explains things better than my professors and especially when it comes to mechanisms and understanding why things react a certain way. I plan to use him to review gen chem because I basically forgot most of gen chem 2.

Go to his website and see what is offered for what you need but definately get the DAT prep videos.


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Feb 25, 2011
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You are fine, many/most people wouldn't have even started studying 12 weeks out. Get Chad's videos for the chemistry videos, they are absolutely great. In 4 full days you can watch all the videos and learn more than you would have in 4 weeks of reading a book. Follow that up with Destroyer and master the material. It is a proven combo that has worked for many of us. GC and OC are the sections you can make the quickest improvements in so do not fret.
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