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Dec 9, 2004
Hello, I'm a 1st year medic student fr Malaysia. Actually , I don't really know where i should post this message, so i just post it here. Around May or June this year, we're planning to do health promotion programme in Bandung, Indonesia. Jz wonder if there is anyone (either fr Bandung or not) can provide me some info on which part in Bandung that is suitable for this program. Btw, i need someone (preferably with experience) 2 tell sth about health promotion like how is it conducted... & so on. If possible, can someone provide me some info on Bandung as well. Last but not least, could anyone pls provide me d website related 2 health promotion. Thank u. Actually, before this, I've posted sth similar in ASIA forum, but sad there weren't any replies. Hopefully, there will be some relevant replies. Thanks again. :D
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