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Oct 5, 2001
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Hi ,
I am from the dental forum.I crossed over into this forum to get some much needed advice on kaplan online q'banks.

Kaplan recently began an online question bank(1 or 3 month access)for the National Dental Board examination .This is based on the same format as the USMLE QBank.

I just would like to know how effective was the Q"Bank for you guys and did you have any problems with the access.Are the questions of comparable standard to your actual test real test.

Is it possible to cover 1000 qs in one month access?!
Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.
Bobby :)


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May 18, 2002
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Bobby, I'm prepping for Step 1 right now with QBank so I can't tell you how well it's preparing me -- but I signed up for it because I heard from so many people that it was awesome prep. I got assurances like "Just be sure you do QBank, and you'll be okay." (Kaplan is not paying me, too bad!)

As for covering 1000 questions in a month - based on my experience of just a few days, yes, it's definitely do-able. I'm doing 25 and 50-question sets a couple of times a day, interspersed with First Aid review, and it's working great. (I WILL cover all 2000 questions before June 14, I am determined!) Check out some of the other threads on here about how to use Qbank, there are some good hints floating around out there. Good luck!
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