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About Tver State Medical University - Russia


New Member
10+ Year Member
Jun 23, 2010
Tver, Russia
  1. Medical Student
If anyone is interested in joining this university, I can share some information about it, as I graduated from TSMU in 2018.

Location : The uni is in this little city called Tver, 200 km or so from Moscow. The city is built along the Volga, it's comfortable to live in and has some nice scenery. All modern amenities are there, including nice cafes, clubs, malls, cinemas etc. It's a short train ride to Moscow, which is great! Living costs aren not so expensive as Moscow or St. Petersburg. But it gets pretty damn cold in the winter so be prepared for some icy weather.

Fees: This is a bit tricky. If you can get into the uni through a scholarship (ask you country's ministry/department of education) then of course it's free. Otherwise you have to go through an agency to enroll in the uni. There's no way to arrange your enrollment directly with the university / Most probably you'll have to pay tuition fees to the agency itself, so you'll end up paying a lot more than the actual Government-stipulated tuition fee. Unfortunately there's no way around this. I had to enroll with the help of Russian Education Centre in Sri Lanka. They were helpful in getting things arranged and they have a representative in university itself. Recently they started offering discounted fees if you pay for the entire 6 year-course in advance. Maybe your country has such educational agencies too.

Academics: The duration of the course is 6 years. There is no internship offered. If you enter into the university by scholarship, your medium of instruction will be 100% Russian. If you are a paying student, you can join the English-language program. Be aware that even then only the first 3 years will be taught in English. From year 4 to year 6 everything (lectures, classes, seminars, clinical rotations etc) will be in Russian.
Most of the library books are in Russian too, so get your own books.
There are class tests, subject tests and exams. Every semester has several exams. Each exam has a maximum of 3 attempts. If you fail an exam, you will have to repeat it on the scheduled dates (usually 3 weeks to 1 month later). If you fail all 3 attempts, you are automatically expelled. If you want to keep studying, this means that you need to go back to your home country, then rejoin the university at the beginning of the next semester, with your junior batch. Note that most subject tests unlimited attempts, but some of them (e.g. oncology) act like exams; if you fail 3 attempts, you get expelled. Not to worry, though, this rarely happens as most examiners are nice and understanding. In reality, you will get academically expelled only if you don't study anything at all. Do just basic studying and exam preparation and you'll be fine.
If you are absent to a class or a lecture, you will have to clear the absence by facing a test for that day's topic.

Accommodation: There are 3 hostels, with hostel No. 2 and hostel No. 3 given to international students. Hostel No. 2 is on sharing basis. You share a room with 2/3 people and each floor has a set of common bathrooms. Hostel No. 3 has small apartments instead. Each apartment has 1 or 2 rooms, a kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom. If you are in a 1-room apartment, it will be a three-person room. If you are in a 2-room apartment, you might get into a two-person small room or a three-person large room. Hostels have small monthly fee. Of course you can rent out rooms and apartments in commercial apartment blocks, but they will be a bit more expensive.

If you need any more information, please send me a message or reply here! Good luck with your studies!
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