Abroad courses/Community College Courses Ruined GPA/Chances for some schools?


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May 13, 2016
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When I began undergrad, I was told that any courses that I took from community colleges would only transfer in as credits and would not effect my GPA. That is true, they did not effect my GPA on my transcript, however after applying to medical school I realized that they would be incorporated into my AMCAS GPA. I'm so upset because I graduated with a 3.90 at my university but with the community college courses and abroad courses, I now have a 3.79. Will medical schools take into account that I received B's from the community colleges and abroad (in non science courses) and not at my home university? From my home university transcript, I have all A's, 3 A-'s, and one B. But my abroad/community college grades added 5 B's and 1 B-. My science GPA is a 3.89.

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Jun 4, 2016
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First of all, this belongs in the premed forum. Secondly, a 3.79 is competitive, so stop worrying about that. The MCAT is more important.
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