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Jan 15, 2016
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    I am currently interviewing with a couple fully accredited distance learning PharmD programs, which I applied to because of my inability to relocate due to family obligations. (Also applied to in-state schools.) I am excited about the opportunities that PharmD's can take on in the pharmaceutical industry, and I am curious if anyone out there has knowledge/experience in industry who can give me some advice on online vs. traditional pathways and hiring practices in industry? Does it not matter as long as I have research experience? Or is a distance learning pathway something that would hinder my ability to find an industry job?

    Note: Traditional pathways, especially with research focus, obviously would offer possibilities for me to pursue research experience. If I go down the distance pathway, I'd find some sort of part-time job at a local pharmaceutical company that would fit with my future PharmD curriculum.

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    Aug 7, 2019
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      If you prefer to work in a community pharmacy, I would suggest for you to apply for a technician position with just the trainee license. You don't have to take the PTCE now to be certified, you can work with just the trainee license for now. Also, the benefit of working as a technician is that when you get into pharmacy school, you can transition from a technician to an intern at your work without having to apply again for an intern position. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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      May 3, 2020
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        This year, it seems like UNC Chapel Hill had highest placement rates into fellowships. If you want to gamble with some shady online programs, go ahead, but the fact is, most fellows i know of come from UCSF, UNC Chapel Hill, UF, UBuffalo, Rutgers, UWashington, and a few at USC.
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        May 30, 2018
          For anyone that wants to get an “online pharmD”.... Unless you have a really darn good reason to do it this way (extreme circumstance that would cause a very specific and individualized need) how about you do us all a favor and stay away from our profession??

          Sorry - I know... im a big meanie! But I really felt the need to just say it that way. I’ve “had it up to here” with this..
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