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Ace Your Orgo Course/MCAT with the Reagent Guide

Discussion in 'For Sale and Advertisements' started by orgohacks, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. orgohacks

    orgohacks Organic chemist
    5+ Year Member

    Mar 16, 2010
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    New! For sale: the "Organic Chemistry Reagent Guide"

    Ever had to search through your 1000 page orgo textbook just to hunt down what NaBH4 does again? Ever make lists of reactions and reagents on scraps of paper that get lost, never to be seen again?
    Fear not. Now all this information can be at your fingertips.

    This is a 68-page full-color e-book PDF that gives detailed profiles of all the reagents you'll commonly encounter in a typical Org 1/Org 2 course. It's divided into 3 sections:
    A 2 page quick index that gives a brief description of all the most commonly encountered reagents and solvents, and page numbers of each.
    13 pages of extremely useful tables, from lists of common acids, bases, and oxidizing agents to common abbreviations and functional groups (plus many more). It even has a guide to Greek!
    Over 80 reagents receive their own profile, giving their structure, most common reactions, and mechanisms.

    It took well over 100 hours to draw all these reagents out with their reactions and their mechanisms, and sometimes I thought I would lose my mind doing it. But in the end it's a beaut: there's *nothing* else like it available.

    Will this give you the edge you need to ace your organic chemistry course and also the MCAT/DAT/PCAT? Oh yeah.

    Today it can be yours for only $25 (special price for version 1.2 launch), and you can have it risk free: if you're not satisfied, I'll happily refund your money.

    buy it here! http://masterorganicchemistry.myshopify.com/
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