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Jan 20, 2015
Medical Student
Fourth year DO student here. USMLE 1: 240, no USMLE step 2, but 640 comlex level 2.

I'm going to apply for an ACGME advanced program, how many prelim/TY's should I apply to on ERAS? Some people on this forum suggested that DO's should apply to 60 prelims ???? I think that's very very excessive....


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May 29, 2011
Resident [Any Field]
I applied to 10 prelims/TYs. Got 5 interviews, matched high on my list.


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Aug 5, 2010
Resident [Any Field]
I would maybe apply to more than 10, the prelim match can be frustratingly competitive and I have a few friends (MD seniors) who ran into trouble with this. Nothing is 100% is the problem, so it's hard to argue against applying to as many as you can stomach but I'd say at least max out the free apps once you start applying to both TYs and prelim med (it's the same cost to apply to 1 or 10 if it's the same as last year, per specialty), so 20 programs ish as a minimum. Remember it's easier to turn down invites than it is to secure them late in the season. Plus if you're applying to advanced positions, you can try and contact the program when you go for your advanced interview about possible internships at the same institution, and maybe even interview for those positions at the same time (saving transportation costs, which start to rack up!).
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