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Dec 15, 2007
For those who scored better on their real MCAT versus their practice AAMC's, what was the difference?

Did/do you feel fortunate that the material on the actual MCAT were your strong points? What were your activities like the days before your MCAT? Stressed or relaxed? How did you feel at the testing center right before your test?

Sorry for sounding like a psychologist, but I'm trying to explore the mental/emotional aspects of the MCAT. Because controlling your emotions is sometimes key to focusing, thinking, & reading clearly. We all know that one must study, one must take practice tests, but beyond that is a variable that I'm interested in. Aside from the variable of luck. We should develop a list of techniques we've use to overcome the stress and anxiety of the test. How some of us "rode into battle". I have no real data to support my feelings because I'm waiting on my scores. So I'd like to hear from those who have gone through the whole sha-bang.