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Mar 22, 2002
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has anyone added schools after their original submission? i was verified a couple months ago but i added tufts a couple of weeks ago and it still hasn't been transmitted. anyone know how long it takes?


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Aug 16, 2002
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I did the same thing to a couple of schools, and amcas has still not transmitted my info yet.
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Jul 12, 2002
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I had Tufts on my list for my initial AMCAS submission. I've received their secondary, yet they still don't show as transmitted by AMCAS. I wonder if they depend on paper copies? Or else the system is buggy. Basically, don't worry about this.;)


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Jul 19, 2002
San Francisco, California
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It takes about two weeks to add schools, but also AMCAS sent me this email about Tufts only receiving paper copies. Because of this, they will not have a transmission date. Here is the email:

Dear Applicant,

Our records indicate that in your AMCAS application to the 2003
entering class you designated one or more of the following medical

*University of California, San Francisco
*Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University
*Loyola University of Chicago
*University of Missouri-Columbia
*Medical University of South Carolina
*Tufts University
*MCP Hahnemann University School of Medicine

These schools have opted to receive only paper applications (shipped by
AMCAS) and application files made available electronically (via FTP),
but not to receive applications electronically via the AAMC Data
Transmission Utility (DTU).

***As a result, no "transmission date" on either your dynamic welcome
page or your printed application will be listed for these schools. Do
not be concerned; once your application completes processing, your
application will be made available to these schools.

To check the status of your application, consult your application's
dynamic Welcome page, write to AMCAS at [email protected], or call us at
(202) 828-0600.

Best wishes throughout the 2003 medical school admissions process.




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May 23, 2002
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I have added schools, and your application does not have to be reprocessed by AMCAS. It usually takes 1-2 weeks if you add a school after you have been processed.


it may take longer now that we are in the hump of the applications coming in - 2-3 weeks should be expected. it took 3 for them to process unc for me.
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