Jan 16, 2021
Hello? I have come across two different texts for this exam.
1. Dentin Adex
2. ADEX/NERB for dentists by Board busters
3. Mosby's review

Has anyone taken this exam and can vouch for either resource as in what is the best for passing or if it doesn't matter? Any other recommended resources are welcomed. Thanks
Jun 11, 2019
Seriously, you don’t even need a course or buy any materials for this exam. On Quizlet there are several flashcards decks that would cover almost all possible questions of this exam, just google “Quizlet CDCA DSE OSCE,” memorize them and you’re good to go. When I took the exam for several of the case questions I did not even need to open the radiographs or photos, I already knew the correct answers as soon as I read the first half of the questions thanks to the quizlet decks. And it’s not because I got lucky with my set of questions on that day, my classmates took the exams on several different dates at different locations and also got almost the exact same set of questions. So, don’t spend too much time or money on preparing for this, follow what I did and you shall pass easily.
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