Admin Fellowship 10 years after Public Health degree - possible?

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May 20, 2024
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I want to apply for administrative fellowships. I have a Master of Science in Global Health & Population (almost identical to MPH in Global Health but is a 2 year program with focus on international health systems) from Harvard School of Public Health (2012) and Master of Social Work (India, 2007). After Harvard, I worked on strategy & program implementation of large national health programs in India at Ministry of Health. Then I returned to the US and worked as Director of Impact for a mental health non-profit. So I have been working in healthcare for over a decade, with a couple of career breaks due to relocations and child births.

I am now 40, have been on maternity/family break for last 2 years, and want to re-kick start my career by doing a fellowship and eventually getting a senior hospital admin position. I am based in Houston. My questions are:
1. Is my goal realistic?
2. Do all fellowships accept fresh/recent graduates only? What are my chances of getting into one?
3. My most critical need right now: Can you please suggest which health systems accept senior candidates?
4. What would they be looking for in my application? How can I make it strong? I have very strong public health work, but not much hospital based work in my profile.
5. My preference is to stay in Houston - since I have children in school. Hospitals here are - Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann, HCA, Texas Childrens, MD Anderson, CHI St. Lukes, Baylor, VA, Kelsey Seybold - any idea about any of these?

Thank you so much!

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