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Jul 29, 2009
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently an undergraduate student. Ive decided to study pre med and I am planning to apply to some of the more highly regarded post bacc programs. My first choice is Goucher although this question pertains to all of those programs. Looking at the profiles of some of the former students, I've noticed that a lot of them have experience in the peace corps, teach for america, etc. Being a current undergraduate, going into my senior year, I have no such experience. I was wondering what the credentials Goucher and others expect from students just graduating. I have a very competitive GPA and SAT score at top tier university but Id like to know if anyone knows the averages for those. Also, I was wondering if anyone at the program who did apply straight from college can tell me alittle biut about their admissions and some of the experience from others at the program. Questions like what kind of work/volunteer experience you had would be great.

Thanks everyone. Any kind of specific information about the admissions process would be great as the information the website gives you is extremely general.


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Dec 21, 2007
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I went to Bryn Mawr and I took a year off after graduating college before attending.

Those applying straight out of college tend to come from big name schools (ie - the Ivies or the very top tier of liberal arts colleges) -- the big name sometimes "makes up" for a lack of real world experience, I guess. Obviously, those particular students didn't have stints in the PC or TFA, but we all tended to have either substantial research experience in our major or extensive volunteer experience, usually in a vaguely medically related field -- the more altruistic, the better. I'd say 1300 or so on the old scale is a good SAT minimum and I think the average GPA for my class was something like 3.7. I don't know the specifics for Goucher, but I'd venture to guess the stats are similar.

Coming straight out of college isn't a huge disadvantage -- about 1/4 of my class were fresh out and they all did very well. They just had less time in which to prove themselves, so their undergraduate careers tended to seem more illustrious.

The admissions processes for both programs is fairly cut and dry -- mail in an application with a personal statement or two, some letters of recommendation and you'll hopefully get invited for the interview. If you interview, you've made it through the largest cut and have a decent shot -- just sound down-to-earth, mature and earnest and you'll be fine.


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Jul 23, 2015
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Can you shed more light on what an interview is like at these programs? Thanks!
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