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Advanced bio-chem Course can be counted as biochem preq?


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May 2, 2017
    I am a non-trad applicant, coming from a master in biomedical engineering. I am taken advanced "bio-chem" course that arent named exactly biochemistry, will these course suffice the preq?

    ie. on the transcript
    The course provides a working knowledge of how to use biotransformations as a tool in organic chemistry. Students learn about general enzymatic reaction types that carry out the cleavage and formation of C-O bonds, P-O bonds, C-N bonds, C-C bonds, reduction reactions, oxidation reactions and isomerizations. Students also are taught advanced principles that apply to catalytic-protein engineering.

    Protein Engineering
    This course introduces modern protein engineering techniques available to researchers to understand protein structure and function and to create entirely new proteins for a variety of purposes. This is a new field that lies on the interface of chemistry, biology and engineering. The first part of the course discusses protein composition and structure and various genetic, biochemical and chemical techniques required to engineer proteins—all followed by specific topics. Topics include designing proteins that are highly structured and active at high temperatures and in non-aqueous solvents; that selectively interact with other proteins, small molecules and nucleic acids for therapeutic purposes; and that catalyze new reactions.

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