Advice about the best approach on switching residency programs


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Apr 29, 2007
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    I am finishing my first year of OB/Gyn residency and although I love the specialty, I don't like the program that I am currently at for several reasons including lack of education, decrease in gyn cases, and lack of professionalism and work ethic among fellow residents. There have been several changes that have made me worrisome including one of our interns left, the maternal-fetal medicine staff went private and 3 of our core faculty went private. All of these changes have changed the program drastically and to top it off, I don't like my fellow residents. They are lazy and put work off on you or on the next shift, lie about doing work, are rude to patients, families, and fellow residents and nursing staff. It is not a good environment for learning. It is malignant and it is a community-based program. I would like to pursue a fellowship in MFM(maternal-fetal medicine) or gyn onc so I think switching to an university-based program would suit me. There is a open PGY-2 spot that I am interested in and want to apply for. I don't know how to approach my program director about the situation before I apply.
    Any advice or suggestions?



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    Jun 7, 2004
      Come to my program! We get great experience and tons of our residents get picked up for fellowships. We get great exposure to gyn onc, mfm, rei, and urogyn. One of our interns is leaving and we need a replacement. (She is leaving for personal reasons).


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      Jun 17, 2005
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        My program has also had a PGY-2 position become available this week (also for personal reasons). It is not university based, but functions similarly, with good fellowship placement rates (though those with onc aspirations may want a different type of program).

        PM me if you want further information.

        :) goodsamob
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