Advice after college graduation

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Oct 12, 2012
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I graduated from college in 2008 and have been working in retail pharmacy in order to gain experience. I applied last year to pharmacy schools and almost got in! I am planning on applying again. However, I dont know if pharmacy is for me. Standing all the time really takes a toll on me.

I have been looking into pa or post bac med programs. Which do you think is better? Do you think a post bac program would be good for someone like me. I am kind of dreading it because I would have to repeat some stuff I already studied during undergrad. Also, do you think I could get in? Or should I take the PCAT to improve my chances into pharmacy school?

Here are my stats:
-3.1 (grades much better last 2 yrs) but have taken some classes since graduation at junior colleges (got all A's in those)
-pharmacy tech experience