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Jan 6, 2015
Pre-Physical Therapy
Hi. I am a third year student in my third clinical rotation, which is in an inpatient rehab setting that primarily treats individuals with neurologic issues (Stroke, TBI, SCI, etc.). I was wondering if anyone had any advice about this setting. What are some major takeaways and things that I should learn in this setting?

My first affil was in an acute bedside setting and my second was in an outpatient setting. I felt the combination of the two settings was good preparation for inpatient rehab but it is a completely different environment than my first two settings and I feel a little lost.

I am starting my second week soon and coming up with goals with my CI. I appreciate that she takes the weekly goal setting seriously so I want to take it seriously as well. I am struggling to come up with weekly goals. Some goals I have currently include: establishing goals and a plan of care for a new eval, write a note, and perform a max transfer.

I was hoping others would be able to provide me with some good general advice about this setting as well as some specific things I should work on as a student. Thanks in advance!

If there are any student blogs out there people can refer me to that would be great too! I just started one here: My Blog
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